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In the early going poe currency TheBulls averagedpossessions per game which was st in the leagueper They're up tothis year thfastest in the league and actually just shy of the Golden State Warriors' leagueleading mark last yearSTART NEWSLETTER SNIPPET FLOATEDSIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERGet news links and Ziller's hottakes

in your inbox every weekday morning But the uptick in pace hasn't resulted in a better offense The Bulls were efficient last season despite playing slow averaging nearlypoints perpossessions last year They've been the opposite this year scoring justpoints perpossessions despite an improvement in threepoint shootingThe Bulls'

offense has occasionally looked like the freeflowing uptempo beauty that was expected Usually though it's been the stagnant mess that people became accustomed to seeing in the Thibs era An adjustment period is understandable as the players get fortable in their new roles but most didn't expect this large a drop in offensive efficiency

even at the startSimply making more poe currency buy shots will help improve the offensive rating The Bulls are only hittingpercent of their field goal attempts on the season which is in the bottom third of the leagueBut so will unlocking Nikola Mirotic's potential Mirotic should be an ideal playmaking power forward that can stretch the floor and make

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