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Capable of when shorthanded poe currency against the other contenders in the East Seriously that team that made it to the Finals was absurd They had seven sometimes six rotation players and not all of them were healthy This is what having LeBron James does for your franchise The margin for error is so much greater than everyone elseSTART

SIDEBAR SNIPPETCavaliers basicsGreg BartramUSA TODAY Sportsrecord+ net rating Best addition Mo Williams who will see an increased role with Kyrie Irving still recovering from knee surgery Biggest loss Shawn Marion whose veteran presence on the wing could be missed after his retirement especially with Iman Shumpert

injured Projected starters Kyrie IrvingJR SmithLeBron JamesKevin LoveTimofey MozgovIn one sentence The Cavaliers are the clear favorite in the Eastern Conference although health concerns and the unresolved Tristan Thompson situation still leave some question marks Those concerns that you mentioned have me backing off my

earlier offseason optimism but not by much poe currency buy When healthy this is a juggernaut that was only beginning to scratch the surface of their abilities Their record after the Mozgov trade was indicative of what this team could be when everyone is present and accounted for Still we haven't yet seen them use Love to his full potential and the

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