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Position in the sport NBA 2K MT Coins in the 's despite the overwhelming brilliance of Dolph Schayes the decade's best player in my estimation or Bob Cousy Titles were won mainly by the teams that had a George Mikan a Bob Pettit or a Neil Johnston With the league now run by fast guards it seems like a different sport entirelyWithout further adieu

here's our Alls teamFIRST TEAMGeorge MikanMikan is considered the 's first real superstar and he has the hardware to prove it He essentially defined the center position for the 's first generation putting up gaudy scoring rebounding and shot blocking numbers He won four championships in the first five years of the decade was a

perennial scoring champ and was the reason for a number of rules we take for granted including goaltendingDolph SchayesFor my money Schayes is actually the best player of the s It helps that he spent the entire decade in the league of course whereas Mikan retired midway through it Schayes also represented in many ways the of the

future He was a devastating outside NBA MT Coins shooter with size and a fearless spirit going to the rim That bination is the basis of the greatest scorers throughout history and an outsideinside pairing that opposing coaches have nightmares about While true centers in large part dominated the early days of pro basketball Schayes was the singular

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