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Are solid but my misgivings revolve cheap Astellia Online Asper primarily around the aesthetics of the Astels you receive. Yes, this really is a Korean MMO, therefore there are a few tropes that are expected, but it does seem somewhat odd to me that lots of the Astels you get are little girls or strange anthropomorphic animals. Despite this, looking through the Astel cards, it had been obvious that there are loads of more trendy and dangerous appearing Astels which will certainly appeal to other players like myself, that may not feel right summoning a group of small girls into conflict together.

Astellia, if nothing else, is a game that is feature rich and complex in character. As this is a review beforehand, there are a whole lot of systems for me still to research, levels to gain, and regions to conquer. I have yet to be fully enamored with this name as it stands right now, but I've been pleasantly surprised before. If you're still on the fence following this preview, watch out as I render my verdict at the entire review.

Astellia, such as many Korean MMORPGs, seems great on the surface. It's some wonderful visual effects, fight is brassy enough to catch your eye, and character designs are attractive without seeming too gratuitous. It is too bad then those first impressions do not carry over to the match as a whole.

The elevator pitch for Astellia is easy: It is a traditionally made Korean MMORPG which has a heavy focus on design and flashy designs while using a personality collection mechanic, like certain ways to Pokemon or gacha mobile games, for spirits aptly called Astels which help you in combat. It is somewhat like having a pet, but they're typically far less complex and not restricted by class at all. I will talk about that system more afterwards.

For instance, a few of weeks ago I got the Astellia Online Asper chance to play with Astellia somewhat during its closed beta phase. The game is due out in September in North America and will be a buy-to-play MMO, like Guild Wars or Elder Scrolls Online. It employs a very traditional tab-based targeting capability spinning combat system instead of the action-based combat of other recent games like Black Desert Online or Tera. You target an enemy, then press a hotkey to trigger an authority, and allow your automobile attack do the dirty work while you wait for skills to recharge. From what I've seen up to now, that is about it.

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