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As an alternative, you can pay 10 euros a month to perform Astellia with Astellia Asper. The subscription, nevertheless, doesn't bring you any lively benefits, but instead acts as a trial deal, giving you unrestricted access to the entire game. During the level phase, you can concentrate and improve your skills by investing points in extra harm, cooldown reduction or duration of effects. What gender lock? Asian matches are more likely to face restrictions on the genders of distinct classes.Also Astellia has in the original version limitations, which are waived, however, for the West. You can create assassins and warriors. The restrictions for the other classes should be lifted after discharge.

What's planned for the near future of these classes? Nevertheless in 2019 there will be a huge extension of those classes. Each class receives 3 sub-classes. These sub-classes allow you to further specialize your character in a certain direction and equip you with fresh, powerful skills. You are not forever bound to this sub-class. There'll be a chance to switch between the three classes as you please. What are Astels? Astels, the reason for the name of the MMORPG, are exceptional companions which will support you throughout the game. Whether fighting in the open world, in dungeons or in PvP, they won't leave your side.

There are over 30 Astels, each using their own abilities, personalities and history story. Do Astels work? As Astellian, as a participant you are called Ingame, you are able to muster to three Astels in combat simultaneously. Astels utilize a special resource that you have alongside life and mana points. Once the resource is consumed, the Astels disappear. Good management is important here.

Much like the players, Astels take on jobs like tank, healer or DD. That means you're able to master difficult challenges from the open world even without other gamers:As a warrior, you are able to call healer asters which will keep you living for longer, allowing you to fight numerous enemies. As an Assassin, you can even use Damage Astels to strike down enemies directly and barely lose life. As an archer, on the other hand, you probably need Tank Astels, which means you can continue shooting from afar to buy Astellia Asper. Presently there are more than 30 of those small companions out there in Astellia.