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As announced Cheap Dofus Kamas the 2.49 saw some improvements on the island of Nowel (new quests, successes and also a Boss) and 2 mini-events: The Galette des Was along with the festivities of this new year of the pig! We can forget to mention our dear Halouine who won any features in November for his celebration and the Call of Draconiros! And the team doesn't wish to stop there! The next destination on the calendar is becoming and this is Pwak! On this stage, Loganproducer of Dofus, includes a few words. You can try to become the king or the queen to discover case of the Galette des Was that we will propose to you soon.

Observing the beginning of the year's performance and stability issues, the Dofus team place the attention of its priorities on the resolution of these bugs present in Dofus. Whether replacing the launcher with a brand new brand new or coming from a upgrade, the 2.51, everything is done to improve the gaming experience! We can therefore expect components from the changelog. In 2.51, you ought to have less lag or crash on Dofus, and runes of corruption and transcendence could appear on your forgemagie workshops!

Where to set? Standard answer: In dungeons, in fields, and even in your pursuit map. However, is it so simple? Discover the strings of the pose in this manual! A Perceptor is a creature invokable by Dofus players, placing himself on the cards of this World of Twelve, recovering the drop in the close of the fighting of the area. It does not steal them however, since it gets them in parallel the Dofus gamers (It had been his former behavior). It can be assaulted by other Dofus players, which implies a certain vigilance and to mount a complete strategy of prevention and defense. To inquire, you will have to get a Guild. Each guild has its own receivers with features and a number that is variable based on the amount of it.

Will be upgraded or automatically Dofus Kamas up: Quite important in defense, they naturally increase by 20 per level of Guild (Base to 3000). Since it's your job the Collector won't need to attack. They increase by 1 per level. With a maximum of 500, she has to climb to expect drop en masse. The experience collected by the Collectors is quite negligible in comparison to the fall, it isn't helpful to mount it, unless you do not have lots of people in your guild. In this case, a tax collector with 300-400 of Wisdom may be helpful.

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