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Afterthought Diamond Dynasty Maplestory 2 Mesos is almost too big for its own goodDiamond Dynasty is on the verge of becoming the basis of MLB The Show I missed the first iterations of the game mode and also the version wound up being my introduction It was an addictive adventureIf you have a MLB The Show player's card you can place him

into your lineup and use him to your heart's content You're not confined to active MLB The Show players either Through playing with the various game modes within DD online and offline you can complete missions and earn more cards to bolster your lineup such as legends and specialty versions of current starsIt's an exciting

addition that's a very different method of playing This type of highfantasy approach provides just the right amount of additional depth to a game that already had it in spadesAnd it's grown almost out of control This year's mode is almost too large to be easily navigated at least from the outset There's a long list of programs and

missions Maple Story 2 Mesos available right from the bat and that can be connected to live MLB The Show players and legends of old For example there is a program centered around catcher Derek Norris that requires you to collect stats with the liveseries card of the MLB The Show player This year also offers a lot of crossover There's a

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