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Achieve the Maplestory 2 Mesos very same heights as the KMS players I believe it will be right to wait and watch how the Lucid teams at GMS NA and LUNA the Europe host with transported over fire stats on some gear tackle Hard Lucid in the forthcoming months OR better yet invite the most powerful GMS LUNA and GMS NA players to have a

crack at Hard Lucid at a test serverAs of current GMS Luna is your server having the most possible and stats to shoot down Hard Lucid acquiring a mix of both Nebulites and Flames additional alternatives on gear made before the merge I have doubts that the North America based servers will have the ability to As Im aware the

previous EMS LUNA fires Werent as strong as their KMS counterparts and thus Nebulites can maintain relevancy from the GMS environment making up the standing difference between KMS and former EMS flames in the Kind of primarily paid content With respect to early and mid game development I remember fondly of a time

when items Maple Story 2 Mesos would drop with an extra number of stats and occasionally less stats There was an appeal to checking each and every one of their stats and searching for lost equips FlamesAdditional options appear to have been the systems descendent The system has a lot of promise it keeps gearing development a lot fresher than it is

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