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The situation in game right now is poe orbs beyond disgusting. Botting has never been so widespread. I see so many players botting. I'm not poe trade talking about gold farmers which have existed forever. I am talking about actual players. Since that's how things are becoming, they just do not give a crap anymore. The fact that they even make it beyond 210 baffles me particularly as it's so simple to discover macro botters.

I really don't know if this laziness, lack of lack of expertise on the GMs part since Nexon is never transparent with us . I said they've done nothing and before the V patch more players would be macro botting. Following a significant patch such as this you'd have desired the GMs to be out in force ensuring no one starts botting for nodestones and symbols. Regrettably they gotten away with it because there is no GMs about.

You also have the entire record event chaos orbs currently running. There's a hacker/gold farmer that has a world record....still not banned btw. Shows you just how awful the situation is atm. In no longer than 1 these players could be banned in any other game day.Well, magic is a form of energy and of itself, so if you're likely to use magic, that's energy to destroy energy you're still left with all the energy you made to destroy the energy.

Unless maybe he some form of buy poe orbs magical anti-energy/matter that cancels out regular energy/matter, but he would need poe currency an equal amount of anti-energy/matter, not just for ONE world but for ALL the universes (we already know from Friend Story and Kinesis the"real world" universe is within that realm).Even the"magic dispersant illusion" concept would likely make more sense than this, unless perhaps you want to say that there are such as anti-universes that, if combined, will cancel out routine universes and themselves.