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MapleStory M includes a OSRS gold regular maintenance program due to the heavy user base, and it sometimes goes down for unscheduled maintenance, also. Be sure to keep your eye on the social media stations for patch notes afterwards to learn of any changes to the level cap. Additionally, sometimes you may get sweet in-game items for logging shortly after maintenance!MapleStory was such a massive hit back when it launched around a few years ago, and the series is currently making a comeback with a sequel and a mobile spin-off.

While the mobile title plays pretty much like the first match, the fully-fledged sequel switches things up by moving fully 3D and essentially building a new MMO from the bottom up. That having been said, veterans in the show won't feel completely left out with all of these modifications, as MapleStory two does retain its core concepts and ideas close to heart amid this astonishingly intriguing transition. I've spent a considerable amount of time with the beta, and it's looking promising so far.

In the get-go, MapleStory 2 asks you to RuneScape gold make your own personality you will take on some grand quest. Aside from customizing their look, one of the most important choices when beginning the game is picking that class you want to play as. Currently, there are just eight tasks to pick from (Knight, Wizard, Archer, Thief, Berserker, Priest, Heavy Gunner, and Assassin), and each come with their own unique traits, equipment, and abilities.

After that, you're thrust into a narrative situation, based on which class you chose, leading to the events where you really start your experience set in the exact same world as the very first game. You may opt to follow the string of main quests which are waiting for you, or you can simply explore the vast world that visit our site MapleStory two has to offer. The game does include a huge map that's divided into various cubic segments you are able to warp to. By cubic, I suggest that MapleStory 2 is about cubes -- from the home designs down to the way maps are shaped.