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And perhapAfter NBA 2K18 MT two blowout losses in Oakland it was clear that the Cavaliers needed to find a spark as the series moved to Cleveland Since Kevin Love was sidelined with a concussion and LeBron James seemed unable to dominate as he did in last years Finals Kyrie Irving had to be the one to provide itHe answered the call on Wednesday

night scoring points on percent shooting from the floor to go with eight assists in Game Kyrie was one of the biggest reasons why the Cavaliers beat Golden State and could be the key for Clevelands offense going forward now that his role has changedNormally a great Irving performance wouldnt feel this unexpected but he had such a difficult time

in Game that it was hard to see this one ing He was extremely passive on Sunday and finished with points in attempts as Golden State obliterated the Cavaliers in a point blowout He pletely disappeared on a huge matchup and Tyronn Lue seemed to be going away from him in favor of Love and JamesGame showed how big of a mistake that

wasIrving was setting the table instead Cheap NBA 2K18 MT of attacking in Game James and Love would screen for Irving only to force a switch They would then get the ball and try to overpower a smaller defenderSince James is no longer a reliable threat from outside he was in primary ball handler mode while Irving played off the ball to prevent the Warriors from

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