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The third solution:Tank the hitsHere, the player can just take the hits like its nothing by shield switching and using resonance, reflect, revenge or barricade. This requires more time to react compared to dodging, so if you wish to cheap poe currency tank a special attack, you will have to know the time it takes between each special attack to allow you to shield switch early.The fourth solution:Find a teamFor low level players, it is recommended to find a team to work with especially if you are level 100 to 120 using weapons below tier 85.

The only problem is the loot since when you split, it 39;ll be the player with the runescape item that is at a disadvantage due to fluctuating prices. This means it 39;ll be hard to split gp amongst members of a group.To combat the aforementioned problem, you can opt one of the following:Loot share: You will have to either undercut the item shard prices and make less than what you would have made or stock up on shards and grind until you get enough shard drops to make a complete itemFinders Keepers: This will mean person with highest dps keeps the item and can reduce team morale or induce conflict.

Sharing: The person getting the drops sell the rs item first on the ge, then split the money afterwards. However, this involves a lot of trust as items may sell for a lot less than ge value, making the rest of the members suspicious of the person doing the split as the value may be ch less than ge price after splitting. (Of course, if the split was ch higher than ge value, no questions raised about that)Now that the introduction is out of the way, onto the boss gimmicks and strategies for a directory of detailed guides see here:Bring with you.

Overloads, supreme overloads or supreme overload salveScrimshaw of VampyrismVampyrism auraChaotic spear or betterFull torva or betterSharks or betterPack YakSuper restore flasksGregorovic:Possibly the hardest of the four generalsHis gimmicks are as follows:Wight summoning: He periodically summons a wight from one of poe currency the corners of the room when he yells, quot;Rise! My child! quot; These wights have 3k health.Shadow blades: Shadows appear around the room and a second later, a rapid succession of knives will fall on those shadows, dealing a lot of magic damage.

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