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The better teamWhen you poe currency get outscored on the bench and give up points off turnovers no matter what someone does or doesnt do its going to be hard to win especially on the road James said while rattling the numbers off like he had them mitted to memory which he probably did And thats what it was Obviously the game ball goes to Shaun Livingston

Came in gave them a huge spark But it dont matter what you do with Steph and Klay Dont matter what you do with Draymond Give up points off the bench and points off turnovers on the road its not a good ingredient to winNo its notMost analysts had this series going six or even seven mostly out of respect for LeBron but that heartfelt hedge looked

less secure than the logical conclusion that this will be over much sooner That leaves us with the most disconcerting takeaway from Game that the Warriors just have too many ways to winHaving survived a conference finals that exhausted their resources and stretched them to their limits the Warriors are now able to play free and easy against a

Cavs team that doesnt offer the buy poe currency same kind of defensive resistance as Oklahoma City Winning Game in this manner allows them to continue doing what they do with little deviation in lineups or responsibilitiesWe rely on a lot of people Golden State coach Steve Kerr said We play a lot of people and we feel like we have a lot of talent on the bench that can

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