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Believed what they NBA 2K18 MT just sawThe Thunder celebrated underneath San Antonios basket pulling Serge Ibaka up from the floor where he had fallen clutching the ball after the buzzer sounded on their Game win Manu Ginobili Tim Duncan and several other furious Spurs immediately looked for the referees while Gregg Popovich found one to

rip into The Spurs fans in the building mostly looked around bewildered hands on their heads glancing wideeyed at their neighbor hoping they could explain one of the wildest seconds in NBA playoff historyFucking violation someone barked from the San Antonio tunnel under the arena as the team left the floorBut the Spurs just like

Oklahoma Citys players struggled to explain exactly what had happened in the games final moments Even they werent quite sureOn the prior possession right after nailing a threepointer LaMarcus Aldridge was fouled on another attempt behind the arc and knocked down all three free throws to cut the Thunders lead to Now Oklahoma

City needed a clean inbounds and Cheap NBA 2K18 MT were out of timeouts The clock officially showed seconds remaining when the referee handed the ball to Dion Waiters on the sideline near midcourt and began his fivesecond countRussell Westbrook didnt have enough separation when he sprinted into the backcourt nor could Serge Ibaka separate himself

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