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Even do some damage NBA 2K18 MT himself after the initial action by crashing the offensive glass Even against an elite defensive rebounding team like the Hornets hes managed to get his hands on misses often because hes relentless That sometimes causes opponents to stay with him instead of helping which then opens up even more room for direct

attacks on the rimThe Heat have been scoring at a scorching rate no matter who plays so far in the postseason but with Whiteside on the court they have been almost points better on that end More notably their assist ratio the amount of assists they have per possessions almost doubles when hes on which is interesting because hes

logged just one dime in two gamesWhat Whiteside does is make it easier for the ballhandlers to put others in a position to score He might not be the one delivering the assist but hes the one who created the open look by virtue of being one of the scariest roll men in the NBA The threat he presents when hes on the court and active opens

up the floor for his teammates That NBA 2K18 MT Coins might not be reflected on box scores but its an incredibly valuable skillWhiteside will always have the numbers but we know those have been hollow in the past Now he also has an effect at a team level on the offensive end without scoring by doing the little things like passing quickly after rebounds

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