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Conference finals that poe currency exhausted their resources and stretched them to their limits the Warriors are now able to play free and easy against a Cavs team that doesn't offer the same kind of defensive resistance as Oklahoma City Winning Game in this manner allows them to continue doing what they do with little deviation in lineups or

responsibilitiesWe rely on a lot of people Golden State coach Steve Kerr said We play a lot of people and we feel like we have a lot of talent on the bench that can e in and score when we need it So it's a great sign obviously that we can win in the finals without Curry and Thompson having big games but it's not really that surprising to

us This has been our team the last couple of yearsTake Livingston for example The invaluable reserve looked lost for most of the conference finals but when he has his inbetween game going he's almost impossible to stop and the Warriors are practically unbeatable Livingston is a typical Warrior role player in that once upon a time he

was a phenom Now like Andrew Bogut buy poe currency and Leandro Barbosa he gets by on a bination of skill and guile He can still get his shot off at any time thanks to his length and his herkyjerky movementsLivingston is the key to the Warriors' reserveheavy unit that typically starts play in the second and fourth quarters If he can get a few buckets

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