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For the best external poe currency situation that positions him to win that elusive first championship Could San Antonio pull the ultimate coup by ending Oklahoma City's playoff run and stealing away Durant in the summer The possibility is on the tableWhy the Spurs can land DurantWho wouldn't want to play in San Antonio Gregg Popovich's

Spurs may be the most respected institution in the league and Durant is getting an up close look at the machine in these playoffs After spending his entire career playing for a team defined by isolation scoring the Spurs' signature ball movement should be appealingDurant noted the differences between the Thunder and Spurs earlier this

season Look we're not the San Antonio Spurs Durant said We're not going to make passes in a possession We're not that Of course people want us to be that That's great basketball don't get me wrong But we're not that We've got guys that can score We've got two guys on this team that can get a bucket There's going to be times we

gotta iso there's going to be times we buy poe currency gotta be aggressive to look for our shot to make a play Signing Durant to a max contract that would start at million would require some serious cap gymnastics by San Antonio but it's very possible Danny Leroux broke down how the Spurs could make Durant fit at the Sporting News Essentially the

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