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Pistons faced poe currency off Bosh was held to nine points and eight rebounds He likely won't get much more than that this time aroundb stylefontsize em; lineheight em;Other NotablesMarc Gasol against the Sixers is a great matchup The problem is that a blowout is likely in the cards and so Gasol might not get more thatnminutes If you're looking

for a cheap point guard getting playing time look no further than Philly'sIsaiah Canaan He's averagingpoints inminutes over his last three games and is going for less than He'll cost a bit but no one in the league is hotter thanDeMar DeRozan who's averagingpoints over his last five gamessvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill

It's been a strange few months for Hassan Whiteside Now in his second season in Miami Whiteside is proving last year's breakthrough performance was no fluke He's leading the league in blocks with four a game pulling down nearlyrebounds a night and also scoring close topoints Not bad for a yearold who wasworrying about car

bombs in Lebanon two years agoThat buy poe currency said the advanced stats paint a different picture Whiteside may swat more shots that anyone else in the league but all those blocks and rebounds have done done little to help the Heat actually get stops He has bee a symbol for the stereotypical eye test vs numbers conflictThe statistical difference

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