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Guarded Kobe as many RuneScape gold times in the playoffs as others but he was part of the Celtics teams that faced the Lakers in the Finals He defended Bryant at times then andwas partially responsible for holding him topercent from the floor in that seriesWhile Allen gets top honors Bryant also mentioned two Western conference foes with whom

he had some epic battles Bruce Bowen and Raja Bell Bell's inclusion is funnyas Johnson notesbecause things got heated a few times between the two Koberepeatedly called the older Bell a kid and said he didn't know him while Bell once clotheslined BryantOh well It's all water under the bridge now it seems with Kobe saying he found

out who Bell wasKobe also offered some other insightful answers to Johnson's questionsOn the greatest petitors he's ever faced Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson are the two that e to mind immediately Because they were just relentless And Michael and his relentlessness was amazing And Scottie Pippen's as well on both ends of the

floor And then in my generation cheap RuneScape gold AI was much the same I mean from opening tip to the end Allen Iverson was just going and going and going He's always put you in jeopardy So those two guys are the most petitive I faced On what he'd tell young Kobe if he had a chance I would say 'focus on human nature You have to balance out

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