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Yes GERALD WALLACE IS poe currency AVAILABLE If you know anyone wants him Otherwise here's to retirementMIKE MILLER TOO The Blazers have reached a buyout with Miller Shams Charania says Denveris interested because Denver is f'n weird manTHE SUB IN MINNY Sam Mitchell talks about wanting to help the Wolves

without trying to replace Flip SaundersTRUTH HURTS Paul Pierce joked about how Kobe is old but hasn't adjusted his game Countdown to Mamba's tweets about five rings inAHEM Phil Jackson suggests Kobe may not finish his career with the Lakers KOBE TO NEW YORKCONFIRMEDAND YOUR FINAL KOBE LINK OF

THE MORNING This is Kobe intercepting a highfive not meant for him in K because KOBEWOW The minutes restriction on Jrue Holiday to start the season seems rather tightWELP Jared Sullinger needed an intervention to get in shape this offseason That's not exactly promising especially considering his bosses had already called

him out on his fitness level He knows poe currency buy he's a free agent inrightTHE MORRII JUST DON'T STOP Marcus Morris exiled to Detroit is now saying that Suns coach Jeff Hornacek ought to have started him over PJ Tucker at small forward This is humorous because Marcus' twin Markieff started at power forward despite being far more

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