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Timberwolves inHe poe currency was supposed to be a lockdown defender and deadeye shooter ing out of college but he hasn't shown the ability to do either of those things at a high level He's a career percent shooter who doesn't pull the trigger all that often and his teams have done better on defense with him off the court in all five seasons he's

been a proJohnson is long and has a pretty shooting form so he looks the part of a solid threeandD wing The problem is that he isn't one in realityIf the Clippers were as thin as they were last season finding Johnson a spot in the rotation would make sense They are not They have two better the arc inand that was his best season

Opponents won't respect him when he spots up Then again smart teams also didn't respect Barnes and the Clippers were still a potent offense with him as small forwardIf Doc wants to experiment early in the season going with Stephenson has a lot more upside than going with Johnson It would put the mercurial former Pacer in a

place in which he will only be asked poe currency buy to take open shots and focus on defense Pierce can start and have his minutes monitoredStill the best option remains starting Pierce Monitoring his minutes is a must but Wizards coachRandy Wittman managed to do just that last season Pierce started but he only playedminutes a game and was fresh

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