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Teammate by his poe currency peers even as he feuded with coaches and managementCaptain Jack was a unique personality who will be remembered for years to e by both his fans and his detractors Here are eight reasons we'll miss himThe legend is bornJackson was a secondround pick in the Draft but he didn't play in the untiland wasn't a starter

until theseason with the Spurs In his first year as a key cog for a contender Jack delivered when he was most needed igniting arun for the Spurs to make up a point deficit against Dirk Nowitzki's Mavericks in GametheWestern Conference FinalsIt was the first of many clutch Jackson performances that propelled the Spurs to the Finals

where he would get his only title That magical run stuck with him for the rest of his career I make love to pressureJackson and the Spurs didn't reach an agreement on a contract extension so Jackson left to join the Hawks The following season the Spurs lost to the Lakers in the second round in part because no one could make big shots

Jackson felt he was the missing piece buy poe currency and expressed it with one of the most memorable lines in league historyThat's what I live for he told ESPN's Rick Bucher I make love to pressure He admitted he enjoyed punching a fanJackson landed in Indiana the next year where he was supposed to be the missing piece on a team that had Reggie

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