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Tanking has never poe currency bothered me as much as some but when there's an obvious disincentive to win games in such a long season that needs to be addressedThe other is the schedule I credit Silver with taking this seriously but we've got to find a way to reduce the number of backtobacks It's not healthy for the players or the product on the

court I'm with you on the regionalism idea and I'd like too see a more balanced playoff tournament that isn't bound by geography so we get the best teams peting at the highest postseason levels The one big structural issue that I have with the Collective Bargaining Agreement is the rookie salary scale but I doubt that's going away

anytime soon Oh and can we get TV games on League PassThese kinds of conversations are the most positive reflection of Silver's tenure He seems to value input and collaboration on issues that affect the game and our collective enjoyment of it All in all I'd say that the transition has been smoother than anyone could have predicted We

take this for granted but Stern was poe currency buy such a towering figure in the league for so long and he's hardly been missed at allAlright cynic do you think we're going to have an extended work stoppage I'm team optimist if only because of the massive television windfall that may not e their way againZILLER I think we're in for a stoppage that

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