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Fans of WoW Classic buy classic wow gold need to check out the achievement of Old School Runescape and think about the way that WoW Classic carrying the exact same approach will likely benefit in the exact same manner. It may be new content, but all of it's in line with the philosophy of the older game, so it's accepted. WoW Classic as a sandbox would possibly be the best MMO to exist. I think that would even give us more nostalgia, as I think most of us played WoW as a sandbox when we were children anyhow.

What I genuinely hope Blizzard does is have a innovative"legacy" server. The thing I truly need to see introduced is that the reintroduction of expansions, I know for a fact that many folks would adore a Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King private host, and it would be pretty fucking cool to be able to witness the old expansions come out in their former glory. I think a system along the lines of using Vanilla Server A, subsequently introducing Burning Crusade Server A with the capacity of transferring characters from Vanilla Server A to it would be a novel and fairly cool system.

Blizzard already confirmed no changes, so these kinds of videos are a waste of time. The proposal to equilibrium as you are talking about it is also a terrible idea, but that I wont have enough distance on youtube to explain why. People appear to think that WoW Classic is a new Blizzard game for everybody like Warcraft 4 are, but its not. It had been made for WoW Classic lovers who will only play it if there is no changes. For random retail gamers who have never even asked for WoW Classic or idea about it until release to come and ask for adjustments is frankly rude.

WoW Classic is merely a miserable attempt by blizzard to take over the personal server market, as the token was supposed to extinguish the golden selling marketplace. So in the end idk if it is even worth to consider on the long term. Truth is peps will clearly not select shit tier classes but still most people will play casually since

raiding doesn't even count anymore, but classic wow gold there'll not be any ladders no esports nothing to compete in (and additionally a shitton of retards that think's they will have the ability to play on a 6-9h a day foundation jumping off to 12-16h on weekends like they did when they were adolescents lul), so ultimately high end performance wouldn't be as important anyway since the great majority of players are going to be on a casual level, tbh I don't even expect raiding to be just like 20% as active and wanting as it had been back in the day since we'd only be in for the actual MMORPG experience today.

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